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Serving your Favorite Nigerian Meal Even when you're Home away from Naija

Are you Looking for a place to have your Favorite Nigerian Meals While Touring the City of Accra? Search no More because AdaOwerri Kitchen is here to serve it Just the way you like it!.


Tuesday - Saturday | 12PM - 7PM
Sunday | 1PM - 8PM

Our Menu

Quality Ingredients, Tasty Meals

Being a natural, we at Adaowerri Kitchen understands the importance of flavors as it it one of the most interesting aspect of all African Meals and Nigerian meals are no exception. Our meals are made only with the best ingredients. We do not settle for less!

Moi-Moi & Assorted

This is another wonderful delicacy you cant afford to miss!

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AdaOwerri Large Soups

Adaowerri's Large soup packages keeps you away from cooking, especially since its always a busy week!

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Semovita & Egusi Soup

Wondering why we are the People's favorite in the city of Accra? We simply serve like no Other!

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AdaOwerri Delicious Swallow

We serve your favorite Nigerian Swallow even better than you've had before

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More Assorted

Our handmade meatballs baked in savory marinara with melted cheese

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